DigiFlow 6710M-44TM Flow Meter

£75.00 Incl VAT

DigiFlow 6710M-44TM Flow Meter (Battery or mains operated)


Digital Water Volume totaliser and flow rate meter to measure low flow rates, from 1.5-25 litres/min (model 6710-44TM 1/2″) ideal for Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Flow totaliser and flow rate meter to measure low flow rates, from 1.5 to 25 litres/min. It is suitable to measure Reverse Osmosis water system outputs. The totaliser will display up to 99,999 litres, and has automatic data memory for when the battery power is off.  This is a COUNT UP flow controller that counts the total volume going through it, hence described as count up.

This water flow meter has 1/2″ BSP male threaded fittings, suitable for most plumbing connections.

For clarity this meter records flow going through it but only shows live flow rates through it when  the button on front panel is pressed

Designed to be installed in a purpose made hole in a panel, this allows a very neat design if you are building a particular water system. The device is battery operated and is delivered with a battery holder. There is an option mains transformer, please note that this is an international transformer and you will need to use a plug adapter not supplied.

There is an option of There are optional extras namely a sensor extension cable, (allows you to increase the length of the cable connecting the flow sensor with the control box).

This flow meter is manufactured by the reputable Taiwanese Electronics Company, Digisavant, for whom we are authorised UK distributors.

There are count-up & count down volumisers, this is a count up meter. We also have count down meters too If you wish to monitor the flow of water through a specialist medium or simply to know when your water filters are expired this innovative device will, record the total volume passing through the device.To be clear at the touch of a button you can see live flow rate going through the device & total volume alarm . This meter is NOT waterproof and needs to be installed in a dry environment.
Optional Extras: Extension Cable (£5.95)  , mains adapter available for £7.95p,does require additional UK plug adapter


  • Simple Push Button Setting.
  • Detailed Instructions Included
  • Near end of filter life alert
  • End of filter life alert
  • Cable Length 150cm
  • Low battery power alert
  • Automatic data memorized

Technical Information

  • Filter capacity life monitor, from 500 to 99500 litres.
  • connections 1/2″ BSP
  • Filter elapse time monitor, from 30 to 720 days
  • Flow rate display, 1.5-25 L/pm
  • Battery operated, 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Option Mains Power Supply


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